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Life in Japan. Free wifi hotspots These are few and far between. Airports and train stations Most airports have free wifi, similar to other countries.

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Convenience stores Most of the main chains of konbini have wifi access available in English. Cafes and restaurants Some cafes and restaurants may have wifi, but it may not be as common as you think. Paid wifi hotspots You can probably find more paid wifi hotspots around Japan.

Finding free Wifi in Japan

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How to Get Free WiFi

Almost finished We need to confirm your email address. This post is about how to get free WiFi anywhere for your laptop or mobile phone. Plenty of establishments provide free WiFi to keep their consumers with them. Check for franchisees of well-known supply chains. They often have free WiFi. Here is a list of some establishments that provide free WiFi to its customers. See if you can reach one nearby.

Then there are retailers who provide free WiFi to its customers for retaining them longer. The advantage the retailers get is the people will stay longer and thus; they can earn more on food, beverages, or anything they are selling. Check out these retailers in your area. Some restaurants, like Starbucks, also allow you to use their WiFi for free.

Following is a list that I found on the Internet. These restaurants are available almost everywhere — semi-rural, urban, and metro areas, so accessing one should not be a tough task. The above lists are not comprehensive. There are many more brands that offer free WiFi. You may also get free WiFi in local libraries and public places.