Checking a website ip address

You will see that there are four IPv4 addresses shown. Many large companies will have more than one IP address associated with a fully qualified domain name FQDN , such as google. When a system out on the Internet looks up google. Many large companies with publicly accessible websites use a round-robin DNS technique for associating IP addresses with their web servers, so that if thousands, or even millions, of people may be accessing their servers simultaneously, they won't all be accessing the same server, since the DNS servers will cycle through a list of IP addresses that are returned for DNS queries for an IP address for a web server, thus distributing the load on the company's servers.

Depends on which IP address you're looking for. Remember Me.

Find the IP Address of a Website Using Command Prompt

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How to find IP address of a website?

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Checking Your Current A Record Value

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Step 1: Find the IP Address

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