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What are you basing this on? He could have been temping You hired him, correct? Therefore, I am assuming he is qualified. What does unemployment compensation have to do with their ability to perform a job? Before I extend the formal offer of employment,I obtain 3 reference checks, to include previous employers, as a part of the background process.

We also have final candidates sign a permission for disclosure statement and we let them know when we are moving into the reference check phase. One of the questions is to verify their dates of employment. Not withstanding that information, I am assuming you extended the offer of employment to the best qualified candidate In California, unemployment rate is very high and I meet some great candidates who have been out of work for an extended time. The problem is, so many candidates and not enough jobs. If it is a concern regarding honesty, just ask the candidate about the discrepancy on the resume once the background check is completed.

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Candidate may have a very good explanation, including the possibility of a typo on the resume or also embarrassment about having been out of work for an extended period. I don't condone the discrepancy if the latter is the reason, but the candidate's job is to put their best foot forward to be noticed in front of other competitors.

Maybe the candidate was also doing interim, temp, or consulting work in the in between time.

Again, if background and references check out and you have picked the best qualified candidate then maybe your energies are best spent in planning how to support for success in the present time You have already hired this person which is a positive thing in terms of the required skills and competency except if your recruitment process needs to be more firm. The most you can do at this point is, pending his confirmation, i'm not sure how long the probation period is in your organization , you can run some background check on him, most likely starting with his previous employer and referees, in my organization we ask for individual professional references.

Sometimes gaps in employment may be explained by the fact that certain idividuals take up short term employement or go self-employed which they either omit do not want to capture on their CVs. We have 3 levels of interviews which i believe helps check for inconsistencies. Please don't be in a hurry to pull the plug before confirming him, ensure you do a proper and satisfactory due deligence. Hi John, Why would you care now, and why would it matter? Even though the individual is employed, you may still check on the information provided as part of the employment process.

But on what grounds? There are no grounds to do this afterwards. Long post: I apologize for not reading all the posts from this theme. Feel free to let me know if my post is really off topic. You probably can't see their's, because your's is off! Not Helpful 20 Helpful If I blocked someone on WhatAapp, can I see his online status when opening the conversation? Not Helpful 18 Helpful 8.

What does it mean when I send a message to someone and I see two blue checks, and the person's status is still, "last seen at? Not Helpful 5 Helpful 2.

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You won't be able to see their profile picture or send them a message. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Why would my WhatsApp show that someone is offline when they are online? Because they are using their notifications drop down bar to communicate so you won't see that they are online. I can't see a contact's profile photo anymore, but I can see his status. Does that mean he removed me from his contact list? Maybe the person removed his profile photo, but as long as you are still seeing his status, he didn't block you.

Unanswered Questions. Do contacts see when I check if they're online? Answer this question Flag as Flag as How can I tell if the person I want to video chat is online? Can I see if someone is on WhatsApp if they are not one of my contacts? You actually want things to be this difficult, because this is how your privacy is protected from those who might try to find you. Most software does not have a kill switch. How did the thief get your information in the first place? Download right-click, Save-As Duration: — 3. Vista, have a kill switch?

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Surely not, I thought. There is no start menu, no desktop icons, and the desktop background is changed to black. The Web browser will fully function and Internet connectivity will not be blocked. After one hour, the system will log the user out without warning. It will not shut down the machine, and the user can log back in. Reinstallation is the remedy. You want chip and pin, and so does the credit card company. The credit card company tracks whether your card was swiped, keyed, tapped, or chip and pin.

Swiped and keyed are the biggest sources of fraud and most credit card companies these day have to eat the cost. But with chip and pin, they no longer accept the liability. You alone are responsible for the security of your PIN. The chip indicates the card was present for the transaction and if your PIN is used, then you are out of luck.

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The credit card company will make you pay for the purchase, reasoning that either you did the transaction or you did not keep your PIN secure. Either way, they see it as your fault.

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So is the answer to not use chip and pin? No, because it also protects you. I had the credit card company call me one day because while I was using chip and pin to buy my groceries, someone was swiping my card 1, miles away from home. The credit card company was sure the swipe was fraudulent, they just wanted to confirm with me before cancelling my card. Chip and pin saved my bacon because the credit card company knew exactly what my transaction was and the fraud department could be proactive.

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By shutting down my card sooner, the credit card company saved me from some inconvenience and they limited their liability to one transaction instead of a whole bunch of transactions by the time i got my statement and was able to review it. Yes, AMEX…. I know from personal experience.

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I also had problem s with AMEX! They showed up on my Credit Report a few months ago — noting that I had an account with them. Can someone trace my credit card details through my IP address? I have been billed by some websites like membersla. How did they manage to bill me when no credit card details were provided? I have referred my case to the fraud department of my credit card company but I am not sure what outcome I will get out of it. Hello i have the same problem but i little more different regarding that on the statement was written pioneer.

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I feel it was someone that works at the company I purchased from. I am now disputing it with the credit card company American Express and told the software company they need to revoke the license, since this was acquired illegaly. But how did they get the information to do this. I ordered a work at home web access for 5. I ordered lunch on-line and next thing I know I got illegal charges on my card.