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An assessor's parcel number , or APN , is a number assigned to parcels of real property by the tax assessor of a particular jurisdiction for purposes of identification and record-keeping.

The assigned number is unique within the particular jurisdiction, and may conform to certain formatting standards that convey basic identifying information such as the property type or location within the plot map. In the United States , APNs are typically assigned by the local taxing authority, such as the city or county within which the property is located.

How to get the GPS Coordinates for a property in a subdivision using Google Earth

Many taxing authorities will provide property tax information to the public, indexed by APN. The term or terms used in any particular jurisdiction are as determined by the authority assigning the numbers. APN numbers and the property boundaries that they describe have become particularly important for the oil and gas industry with recent discoveries of recoverable hydrocarbons in the Marcellus Shale and related geological formations.

Because the geographic regions have no other land survey system such as the US Public Land Survey System , parcels are the most reliable way to describe a particular area of land.

Massachusetts Interactive Property Map | bamocafire.gq

An index map which identifies all the book numbers may be obtained from the Assessor's Office. This number is for the section of land where the parcel is located.

Page numbers are consistently assigned within each section. This number will identify individual subdivisions on the map or identify unsubdivided land. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.

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