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If for any reason the grantor doesn't pay these taxes, the grantee could be stuck paying them. Other taxes may apply, such as a gift tax, which the grantor pays if the property is given to a family member as a gift. Some other taxes, such as capital gains taxes, could apply as well. However, if you're using a quitclaim deed to transfer property into a trust, there usually aren't any taxes imposed. Whether there are taxes depends on what the transfer is for, such as a gift, not on the type of deed.

If you have any questions about your tax liability, make sure to speak with your financial adviser. Even though a quitclaim deed doesn't require the formalities of title searching as other types of deeds do, you still want your quitclaim deed prepared properly.

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Attorney, Freelance Writer and Author. Quitclaim Deeds in New York As in other states, a New York quitclaim deed is a type of deed that conveys all of the legal rights to the property that the grantor has. Tax Consequences of a Quitclaim Deed in New York Before filing a quitclaim deed, it's a good idea to first consider the potential tax consequences. Ready to start your Quitclaim Deed? Related Articles. Recorder of deeds or Deeds registry is a government office tasked with maintaining public In the United States, the recorder of deeds is often an elected county office and is called the county recorder.

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Search our free online database of King County's official records. Most documents recorded If you do not find a document on your first try, please adjust your search criteria. Results load one Recorder's Office.

King County. If you need help preparing your document, you may consult a title The King County Recorder's Office accepts electronic submission of. The County Clerk is an office created by the New York State Constitution, for recording documents relating to real property located in Nassau County and. Recording Land Records. Martin Luther King Jr.

Find Kings County New York recorder of deeds, registry, register, and registrar of deeds.