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There are lawyers. There are family law attorneys.

Suanne Honey, Attorney

Attorney Dorie A. Rogers has 30 years of experience in family law.

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This is a testament to her dedication to the needs of these clients. But the requirements for certification go far beyond just practicing law.

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  • Aside from taking and passing the regular bar exams and other requirements for a license to practice law in California, attorney Rogers has:. She serves as minor's counsel by Court appointment and is actively involved in all areas of family law, including serving in organizations dedicated to family and children's well-being.

    Only a small percentage of lawyers are certified.

    Law Careers in California

    More than most areas of law, family law has evolved in recent decades, and continues to evolve. It is, more and more, a highly technical field. Make no mistake, retaining a certified family law attorney is money well-spent, and will save you trouble and expense in the long run. Under California's community property laws, every item of marital property presents a host of challenging issues.

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    Not only must the family practitioner worry about the characterization and valuation of each asset, he or she often must consider future tax consequences involved in various items of community property. On top of that, support and customer issues involve different considerations, in which a human relationship- as distinct from a discrete event-is the subject of the litigation.

    The individuals at our firm bring a broad range of backgrounds to divorce, child support, domestic relations and other family law matters.

    Benefits of Hiring a California Certified Family Law Specialist

    This allows us to provide you high-quality representation regardless of the complexity of the matter you are facing at a fee that works for you and your family. We frequently represent clients who must divide substantial marital assets, such as a business, real property and retirement portfolios.

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    We also represent service members and spouses in military divorces. Most divorces settle out of court; however, many times your best chance at a fair property division or child custody plan is to go to trial. Call to reach R. Contact our office at to schedule a free initial consultation with a divorce lawyer at R.

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