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To understand how little Mercury retrograde impacts life on Earth, it helps to learn the physical process behind the phenomenon. When the planet nearest to the sun is retrograde, it appears to move "backwards" east to west rather than west to east across the sky. This apparent reversal in Mercury's orbit is actually just an illusion to the people viewing it from Earth.

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Picture Mercury and Earth circling the sun like cars on a racetrack. A year on Mercury is shorter than a year on Earth 88 Earth days compared to , which means Mercury experiences four years in the time it takes us to finish one solar loop. When the planets are next to one another on the same side of the sun, Mercury looks like it's moving east to those of us on Earth.

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But when Mercury overtakes Earth and continues its orbit, its straight trajectory seems to change course. According to Dr.

Hammergren, it's just a trick of perspective. Earth's orbit isn't identical to that of any other planet in the solar system, which means that all the planets appear to move backwards at varying points in time.

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Planets farther from the sun than Earth have even more noticeable retrograde patterns because they're visible at night. But thanks to astrology, it's Mercury's retrograde motion that incites dread every few months. Hammergren blames the superstition attached to Mercury, and astrology as a whole, on confirmation bias: "[Believers] will say, 'Aha!

See, there's a shake-up in my workplace because Mercury's retrograde. They'll likely find that misinterpreted messages and technical problems are fairly common throughout the year. But as Dr. Hammergren says, when things go wrong and Mercury isn't retrograde, "we don't get that hashtag.

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You can obtain a certificate only if you have tangible interest. If someone without tangible interest comes in to pick up a certified birth certificate, this form must be filled out before our office staff can issue the birth certificate Letter of Permission PDF. Complete except for signatures the Birth Certificate Application PDF and bring it in to our office with either cash or check of the following fees that would apply:.

Death certificates can typically be used to obtain death benefits, claim insurance proceeds, or to notify social security.

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Provide identification, such as driver's license, state-issued identification card or passport. Pay cash, check or money order payable to Ramsey County. We NOW accept credit or debit cards.

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License by mail You will be asked to provide the address where you would like the license sent if you choose optional mailing. Civil marriage ceremonies Civil marriage ceremonies If you are interested in a civil marriage ceremony, you must contact a judge who can perform a wedding ceremony. Legal name change Legal name change As part of marriage If you are changing your name as part of the marriage license process, you must state that fact on the marriage license application.

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