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The Nevada Sex Offender Registry updates this information regularly, to assure that it is complete and accurate however, this information can change frequently. You are cautioned that information provided on this Website may not reflect the current status or other information regarding a convicted sex offender. Further, all information contained within this Website is considered proprietary information of the State Criminal History Repository.

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In short, only information regarding Tier Level 1 offenders with child victims, all Tier Level 2 and Tier Level 3 offenders, and juvenile sex offenders convicted of certain sex offenses pursuant to NRS 62F are posted on this site. In addition the registry does not provide information on Tier Level 1 Sex Offenders with adult victims. The Sex Offender Registry contains information that has been reported directly to the State Criminal History Repository and is merely compiled and provided for public access. In some instances, the Registry is unable to independently confirm the accuracy of the information compiled and provided.

Any person who believes information provided is not accurate or erroneous should contact State Sex Offender Registry to correct or updated information. See Contact Us in this website WARNING: The State Repository is a repository of information only and individuals obtaining information from the Registry may want to contact local law enforcement or court from which the information originated in order to assure that the information is accurate and up to date, as well as whether the information is the final disposition on the matter.

We currently are buying our home but the value is lower than what we owe and needs repairs before selling.

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We agreed to just walk away from our home and giving it to the bank and find something but everything is a couple hundred more than our house note and we are just making it as it is. We are willing to move if only had jobs. Will he even be released after serving his entire sentence without an approved address or will he have to stay where he is incarcerated? He admitted to kissing and touching her. All the test came back normal and clear but the judge in Catoosa County said it is all considered intercourse due to her age. Saying all this what do we do now? He is about to lose his mind and having major ptsd.

Please any advice is welcome. I am sorry that your son is having such difficulty. Level 1 is a low risk offender, but parole is very hard on compliance about residence location requirements. You might search for shelters that will accept sex offenders. If he cannot line up housing for release, he will likely be treated as homeless and will have to find somewhere to stay that complies with the Georgia law on that topic.

There are shelters and transitional housing options that do accept sex offenders but I am not familiar with what the availability is in northwest Georgia. Thank you so much for the information and help you provide. In illinois in I committed unlawful restraint against a child. No sexual contact, no injury, no weapon. While out on bail pretrial I was arrested on federal charges for child pornography in and extradited to California with the other 15 defendants. Plea agreement in , I received 30 months, most of which I served.

Upon release I was remanded to Cook county where I pled out to the unlawful restraint and received time served and 3 years probation. I also had 3 years supervised release with the feds. I was free in I want to move to Georgia. Am I required to register? If so, can I petition before moving so as to avoid registering? And if I go to Georgia for two weeks to visit family, am I required to register then? Again, thank you. It provides:. Is a nonresident who changes residence from another state or territory of the United States or any other place to Georgia who is required to register as a sexual offender under federal law, military law, tribal law, or the laws of another state or territory or who has been convicted in this state of a criminal offense against a victim who is a minor or any dangerous sexual offense.

You would not be required to register under the first clause of that subsection because, by your report, you are not currently required to register in your home state. You would not be required to register under the second clause of that subsection because neither conviction was in Georgia. So it is not necessary to determine if either offense would fall under the two listed categories.

Is a nonresident sexual offender who enters this state for the purpose of employment or any other reason for a period exceeding 14 consecutive days or for an aggregate period of time exceeding 30 days during any calendar year regardless of whether such sexual offender is required to register under federal law, military law, tribal law, or the laws of another state or territory.

For the minute, I will assume that you would qualify as a sexual offender under Georgia law. As such, if you stay in Georgia for more than fourteen days in one stay or more than 30 aggregate within a calendar year, you would have to register. Whether you would be classified as a sexual offender is determined by whether the offenses would constitute a criminal offense against a victim who is a minor or a dangerous sexual offense.

The first reported offense sounds as if it could qualify as a criminal offense against a victim who is a minor. The pornography charge does fall within the definition of dangerous sexual offense. Thank you very much for your prompt response. My final question then would be, is it possible to petition for release from the requirement to register as a visitor before reaching that point of actually having to register? Or is it ONLY possible to petition once one is actually registered? One can only petition for release from registration once one is registered.

The removal process takes at least several months. Any change of registration information must be reported within 72 hours of the information changing. Attorney Black. If a person that I know who is classified as a sexually violent predator moves to Georgia from South Carolina,, how often must he register? He rented a room from me for 7 years and I know him extremely well. If he moved to Georgia according to my information he could request an evaluation and get his threat level reduced. I am correct? If the individual was required to register in SC and moved to Georgia, he would have been required to register within 72 hours of moving to Georgia, and to update once per year, but giving notice within 72 hours if any registration information changes.

If he is classified by Georgia as a sexual predator, there would be additional requirements. While in that one of his PO have informed us bfore that he dont have the sex offender package on his case so even on probation he does not have a strick restrictions like cannot be in where minors congregate, no school etc near residents. We came to Georgia and had to register and out of nowhere the officer immediately informed us that he cannot live restrictions, work restrictions, even without probation. And she didnt even find his name on sex offender website in Oregon so she doesnt really know the case.

So it is shocking that we are givin more restrictions now that he is not in Probation than before when he was on probation. And she was saying that there is no way he will find a job and a place to live here because of all restrictions she told him and that she already informed all police etc that he is in town. At first she said they GA copy whatever other state on but i feel like moving to GA is more restrictions and worse than having a PO.

So can you tell me more of what is up? Does GA just label everyone same way since they have to register and restrict everyone same way not going thru the individual casea at all? If i am convicted of criminal attempt to commit child molestation can i be forced to register as a sex offender and what are the odds of my classifiacation being lvl 1 i have never had any other issues with the law and am facing a 10 year sentance if i plead guilty which seems like the max for attempt to commit a felony.

Can criminal attemtpt to commit a felony child molestation be sentanced under 1st offender law amd the da said i would receive 10 years if i plead guilty isnt that the max punishment for this crime? Also will i have to register as a sex offender no sex crime was actually committed. It is an interesting question, because it means taking the offense code out of the Chapter that deals with sexual offenses and moves it to a general offense.

Child molestation is set out at OCGA Attempt is set out at OCGA The problem for you is that while OCGA is not listed as an offense for either crime for which the victim is a minor or dangerous sexual offense, they both include language which would likely include attempted child molestation. The simplest one is dangerous sexual offense which sets out: Any conduct which, by its nature, is a sexual offense against a victim who is a minor or an attempt to commit a sexual offense against a victim who is a minor. The victim who is a minor definition includes " Any conduct which, by its nature, is a sexual offense against a victim who is a minor.

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So, if you are convicted of the attempt or plead to that offense, it will subject you to registration requirements. There are some offenses which will not trigger registration. You are correct that the maximum sentence for attempted child molestation would be ten years, because attempt carries up to one-half of the sentence for the underlying offense, and the maximum sentence for first offense child molestation is twenty years.

It could be a level 1, it will depend on the evaluation of your case and your compliance with your sentence and any required treatment and therapy. If he was not required to register in Oregon, how did it come about that he was required to register in Georgia? I left my 10 year old daughter while i went out of state with my boyfriend.. He is off parole April 1….. You agreed to a safety plan. That is voluntary, not a court order.

The only thing that keeps you from withdrawing your agreement is the threat that it will go to court and that, in the meantime, your daughter will be in a situation that you do not want them to be. So, the question is, how solid is that threat? That is a very complicated and difficult thing to analyze by text communication. You need to sit down with a lawyer accustomed to going up against DFCS in custody cases and review all of the real facts about your case. You never state what county you live in. The other issue is whether his parole officer knew he was living in a home with a child.

Community Supervision often imposes tougher restrictions on its supervisees regarding contact with minors when they have a sex offense in their background. My first advice is to consult with a lawyer in your home state to make sure that you cannot get a removal there first. If you have exhausted that alternative, then, yes, it is possible that you can seek removal in Georgia. There is no way to assure you that it will be successful, and you face the difficulty of establishing yourself here.

Then, you can petition for removal. That triggers classification. If you come up level 1, then you can proceed. If you are level 2, it depends upon whether ten years has passed since the completion of your original sentence. An adult probationer must request permission to move states. Such requests are evaluated at the local and state levels before being passed to the receiving state for consideration and approval. Such approval is subject to set rules about when a state can refuse and when they cannot. Hey Mr. Black, My boyfriend is convicted of aggravated child molestation.

This conviction was in and he is currently serving out his probation sentence with 8 yrs left. My boyfriend was living with family members temporarily and we he got ready to move out, their daughter [his cousin] begged him not to leave. He moved out and it made his cousin angry. At this time, he was 13 yrs old and she was The girl was at school and something happened to where school officials were questioning her and at that time is when she accused my boyfriend of the sexual acts against her.

There was no evidence against him and no investigation took place. In the court transcripts, it even states that she was under psychological evaluation. His father coaxed him in to signing a plea of guilty. My boyfriend was only seventeen at the time and took what his father said to heart and did what he told him to do, so he signed the plea bargain. My first question is what are the laws regarding being charged as an adult in this scenario? We have read different legal papers and have come across the registering as a sex offender after or , one or the other, and this all happened in Is the registering as a sex offender only applying to convictions after or or can it be retro active to cases from My boyfriend was not ordered by a judge to register as a sex offender but his probation officer had him do that and he has had to do that ever since.

He has gotten a few violation of probation because of not having an address and not registering and served prison time for each violation. With that happening, he no longer had any restrictions that he had to abide by, only he had to keep registering as a sex offender. He served a couple years in prison for that and was released on parole. Now that he is on parole, he has the restrictions of sex offenders against him and has to get any address for residence approved to make sure its not within the feet of schools, churches, daycares, etc.. What are the laws on this type of situation?

If he is a level 1 offender and the restrictions were lifted with his probation, why do they now apply just because he is on parole? He has 10 months left on his parole and we are facing difficulties because of these restrictions. He paroled out to another city and held a job until his supervisor found out he was a convicted sex offender then all of a sudden they let him go.

He is currently incarcerated for parole violation, no new charges or anything and his parole officer wanted him to sign a waiver to go back to prison and possibly up for parole in 6 months, he only has 10 months left. He refused to sign the waiver right then, wanted to discuss it with his mom and I first.

Needless to say, Friday March 3 a warrant was issued for failure to register as a sex offender , at this point he has already been locked up for over 30 days and now he has accumulated a new charge, in addition to parole violation. In the twenty plus years he has been on probation, he has never had a warrant by the county issued for failure to register to go along with probation violations. Is there any kind of law against this? You would think that the failure to register is under the umbrella of the parole violation.

In your legal opinion, do you think it would be beneficial to find an attorney and check in to the original charge being dropped and try for his probation to be dropped? His release is in The crime in which he committed was against their children. A letter has already been wrote to him asking for him to terminate his rights but he denied our request. Depending on the facts, it is very unlikely that a judge would find that it was in the best interests of the children to have contact with someone who committed crimes against them serious enough to result in going to prison.

Now might be the right time to pursue termination based on his crimes against the children, whether he agrees or not. The first major question I feel like I can address is why does he have restrictions on parole when he did not have those restrictions previously. The answer is that the Parole Board determines the conditions that a person must abide by in order to be released early from incarceration. They have the authority to make those restrictions a condition of parole for persons with a prior sex offense conviction and they have chosen to do so.

In this case, they prefer to look strict on sex offenders. It is not possible for me to agree that he had no choice but to go on the run or to move into a non-approved address or fail to notify the Sheriff of his new address. He may not have liked his alternatives, but his choices put him in a worse situation. With the age of the original case, it may be difficult to challenge, but it is certainly worth sitting down with a lawyer who does criminal appeals and post-judgement work.

I am confused as to how a juvenile offense triggered registration. That seems unusual. In , my ex-husband father of all three of my children was convicted of 2 counts of child molestation in the first degree wherein my two daughters were the victims. He is eligible for parole as early as August I have written him a letter requesting that he voluntarily surrender any parental rights, to which he responded he would not. He is the only father they know and love.

It is our wish for him to adopt my three children, and the children were happy to hear about this. My question is what is involved with having the state terminate his parental rights? What would we be up against? What are our chances in Georgia to have his parental rights taken away? Another question that I have is how easy is it for parolees to enter the state of Georgia from another state once he is released?

Unfortunately, in my divorce decree it says nothing about his rights. It only states that I have sole custody of my children. If you have sole custody, then your ex-husband has no rights to have contact with the children. He would have the right to petition a court in the state that issued the order to establish visitation. That court may say yes, and it, more likely, will say no. You are likely to be successful in that effort.

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A person under parole or probation supervision may ask to move to another state if they have sufficient connections to the receiving state. If your children are the only relatives he has in Georgia, and they were his victims, that is not a connection that should justify a request to move. I have a question regarding the regeistry. Are sex offenders required to register in the county they work in. That info is supposed to be provided by the sheriff of the county you live in. Is that correct? OCGA f only requires registration with the sheriffs of any counties where the registrant resides or sleeps.

I was alerted by email that a SO moved into our subdivision. Our subdivision is directly across the street from an elementary school and we have several hundred children that are under 18 years old withing our small community. I also know the bus stops at the end of his street. But as an extremely concerned parent, is there nothing I can do or we as a community can do to have him removed from the subdivision??

I know it is distressing that someone with a criminal history lives near you and your family, but that history does not mean that the person is a risk. Unfortunately, the Georgia statute for child molestation covers a large amount of territory in terms of conduct. So, with no additional information, it is hard to evaluate whether that person is even a risk.

Persons who are arrested and convicted of sex offenses are less likely to commit another sex offense than the general public. Stranger sexual assaults are very uncommon. The best information that we have is that only about one-one hundredth of one percent of all missing children were abducted by strangers. Those are very long odds. In your situation, you can tell your children to stay away from that person.

Georgia classifies sexual offenders as low or moderate risk or as sexual predators. Even if a situation where a person has not been leveled, the prison system is likely to have evaluated whether he or she is a predator. They represent a risk that he would be accused of something and cause him to be re-arrested. I live in NY state and am a registered level 3 sex offender.

My wife and I are considering relocating to the state of Georgia. My conviction was in and I was released from prison in I completed my parole obligation in June of What are the residency restrictions and registration requirements? Since the offense dates are prior to , the residency and employment restrictions should not apply. After being registered, you may want to inquire about removal from registration; that does require a court action to be filed. The state law requirements remain the same in terms of registration and timing.

Some sheriffs attempt to impose additional restrictions or requirements, and some engage in more aggressive investigation and monitoring of people on the list. Do all sex offenders have a curfew in Georgia? Upon sentencing, the court imposes conditions of probation. The judge is not required to impose a curfew, but some do. Parole may impose a curfew. A person convicted of a sexual offense who has completed his or her sentence is not subject to a curfew. HI Mr Black, can a sex offender who completed probation allowed to visit their Grandchildren? Also, if the SO is total and permanently disabled request to be taken off the Registry?

There are no restrictions on registrants having contact with minors beyond those that may be imposed by parole or probation conditions. There are restrictions, depending on offense dates, on residency and employment. If a sex Offender registered in Ga wants to go on vacation in-state for one or two weeks, by law, does he have to notify the sex offender registry in the county he resides in that he will be leaving? I see this listed nowhere in Sorry, forgot to mention offense date is and on probation.

This is actually a pretty tough question. You are correct that there is no specific provision on this point in OCGA However, law enforcement may try to fill in some blanks which may present problems for registrants. If a non-resident in northeast Georgia takes a one week vacation to the Georgia coast near Savannah, they do not consider that they have changed residences. On the other hand, a registrant is obligated under OCGA f 3 to maintain the required registration information with the sheriff of each county where the registrant resides or sleeps.

So, a registrant in the example above would have to register with the county where they were conducting their vacation on the coast. With regard to the residence county, the registrant could run into trouble if they do not alert that county of their intended absence for more than 72 hours because the residence county might check to verify that the registrant was still at the registered address and not finding them there could conclude that the registrant had absconded and take a warrant for the arrest of the registrant.

A Georgia sex offender registrant who is not on parole or probation is not restricted from having contact with his minor grandchildren so long as the contact does not involve some violation of the criminal law or a civil restraining order and is with the consent of the parent or guardian. After reading the following portion of the above article i do have a few questions i would like to ask. The place of employment cannot be employed by any child care facility, school or church or by or at any business or entity located within feet of a child care facility, school, or church.

The law states that a registered sex offender may not be employed at a child care facility, school, or church or at any place within a ft from those same places. Would it be safe to say that while one can not live within ft of a hotel pool it is within their legal right to work at a business that is within ft of said pool?

I can say that it is my opinion that the law does not prohibit an unclassified or Level 1 or Level 2 offender from being employed at a business located within feet of a place where minors congregate, so long as that place is not a child care facility, school, or church. Such distance shall be determined by measuring from the outer boundary of the property of the location at which such individual is employed to the outer boundary of the child care facility, school, or church at their closest points.

Such distance shall be determined by measuring from the outer boundary of the property of the location at which the sexually dangerous predator is employed to the outer boundary of the area where minors congregate at their closest points. I think your fear of being classified as a predator at this stage is pretty unlikely.

If the state had a belief that you were a predator during supervision, they would have taken steps to have you classified at that time.

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If you were classified as moderate risk Level 2 , it would delay the date that your petition for removal could be considered until ten years after your sentence was completed. Your eligibility to petition for removal is based on the facts of your particular case. Do I have to obtain a lawyer to petition the sentencing court to order the Board to conduct a classification? I was never classified I was sentenced back in May for statutory rape. I never served jail time only 8 yrs of probation. I have completed my probation.

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I filed to be removed from the registry. They denied it and told me I needed to be classified. How do I go about doing that. Under current law, the process for you to obtain classification is to file for removal. The court is then supposed to issue an order to the SORRB to conduct your classification within 90 days of receipt of the order. Then the classification comes back and action is taken depending on the classification.

In your case, it looks as if the petition could be considered if you are classified as Level 1. If you are level 2, the case would be dismissed and you would not be able to file until ten years after your sentence ended, approximately We will be moving from SC where They have me classified as a tier 3. These tiers in SC are based on your offense and not on any evaluation. Can I ask for an evaluation or do I just petition for removal and automatically get the evaluation? My offense occurred in No physical harm,no restraint or any other disqualifying conditions.

I phoned the Sex offender office in Richmond County and asked about petitioning and also if anyone had been removed from the registry and he replied that 3 this year had been removed. Are you aware of what the cost is for getting an evaluation or getting an attorney to petition for removal? Your attorney will then submit an order for the court to sign directing the Georgia agency SORRB to conduct a classification within 90 days.

It would be difficult for me to tell you an approximate cost without reviewing your documentation. Maybe you can help me with a question. My wife and I are moving our family to Georgia from California and I must register. My conviction date was March of and I have never been on probation. As mentioned before by yourself when appealing registration, 10 years must have passed since being out of prison.

When you register in Georgia, you will likely be un-leveled at the start. Registration will have some effect on where you live and work depending on your offense dates. You can trigger the leveling process by petitioning for removal. You will then be classified within 90 days. For Level I, you would be able to proceed immediately with the court appearance seeking removal. For Level 2, you would wait until 10 years from the completion of your original sentence.

You state your conviction was in March of , but you do not state the completion date of your sentence or the offense dates. I took probation for sexual battery by custodian victim 12 to 18 yoa. My family owns a family campground in Georgia with lots of children as guests. We have recently learned that one of the permanent guests living in a trailer on the grounds is a registered sex offender. I know that there are no restrictions on where this person can live because the offense is prior to But, is there any law that prevents the campground from stopping the monthly rental agreement and having him leave the campground for business reasons?

I have a question for you. First,my boyfriend is a felon and my brother is a felon,but neither is on probation or parole anymore. Can they both live in the same house? My boyfriend and I live together. Black: I was convicted of a sex offense in April Georgia and have completed three years in prison followed by twelve years of probation.

Since I was convicted prior to the Supreme Court decision Carr v. United States, U. I realize I would have to comply with each states sex offender laws as I travel through them, but do I have to go through local law enforcement to leave the state? Thank you for the community service you provide with this site.

There is not an explicit requirement in the Georgia statute to notify the registering agency of any travel. Some departments seem to find an implied requirement to notify of travel based on the requirement to notify within 72 hours of the place of residence. That issue has not been litigated, to my knowledge. You can appeal the decision within 30 days. The likelihood of success depends upon the evidence presented and whether there is a transcript and the explanation by the judge of the decision. In the case of someone who has been classified as a low risk by the State, as you have, I think there is a significant burden on the judge to explain how he or she says that you are a substantial risk.

On appeal, the appellate court can reverse the decision and direct that you be removed. It could also deny the appeal. In between, it could remand the case back to the trial judge to require her to more fully explain the facts that she is relying on in making a decision that you are a substantial risk to commit a future dangerous sexual offense.

I was convicted of sex crimes against my sisters I was 19 they were 16 I got time serve and five years probation this happen in no more convictions after this I have been off probation for 23 years want to move to ga with my family could you tell me about what would happen if I move there my conviction was from ca. My question for you Mr. I completed Group therapy successfully in prison and out of prison. I have letters of recommendation from over 20 Pastors to attest to my lifestyle, including the Warden of the facility I was housed in as to my life as a Christian.

I have worked as a mentor for troubled youth and have no restrictions as my conviction was in Im a professional decorator and a Minister and this has hampered my lively hood to some degree. I can get recommendations from members of several churches as well to attest of my behavior since my release in I go to work, go to church and go home. It has also placed a serious burden on me concerning housing.

At first the registration was 15 years in Michigan, it was then changed to 25 years and eventually to life. It started in 95 and I would have been off and even if it was 25 just another 2 years and I would be off of it. My last question would be, is this a violation of Expo Facto law since it was made retroactive across the board for all offenders? I appreciate your feedback and God bless you! Most challenges to the registration system on ex post facto grounds have failed because of a position that the registration system is not a criminal punishment.

If you become a resident of Georgia, you may petition for removal from the Georgia registry. You will have to register when you move. Hello Mr. Black, I have a question you may be able to answer. My wife and I plan to move our children to Georgia and I learned about the ability to petition to get off the registry. This November will be ten years out of prison and crime free. I have never been under probation or parole and was convicted in the year Does this disqualify me from petitioning to get off the registry?

Since my release from prison in I have obtained both an Associates and Bachelor degree and have always been gainfully employed. Only recently having moved from California have I found that being on the registry makes finding work extremely hard, not to mention renting homes. As mentioned before, my children and stepchildren live with me, and I"m only trying to give them the best possible childhood I can considering the situation because being on the registry DOES punish family members as well.

Your session has expired.

He has 3 years left on parole before moving to probation. His crime commit date was conviction was He was charged with child molestation 20 years Statutory Rape 20 years and enticing a minor 5 years. They have sent him a letter stating he is classified as level 1. He passed his polygraph and is currently attending his classes. He is meeting all rules and regulations put on him via his parole and registry.

I have 2 children from a previous relationship and our question is how do we get it to A. Will we my children and I be able to reside with my boyfriend at any point as we would like to take our relationship to the next level? I am finding conflicting answers on this matter every where I look so any input would be greatly appreciated. The restrictions that are of concern to you are those from parole and, later, probation.

Parole, in my experience, can be pretty strict. He already should have reported to his parole officer his relationship with you. The officer should then have reviewed the limits on contact that apply. Later on, probation conditions are a part of the sentence issued by the judge. If the judge feels comfortable enough about the situation, those conditions can be modified to allow more contact.

Any requirement to register would be based on the length of time that you will be in Georgia within a period of one year. If you stay for more than 14 days, you are required to register. If your total days within a year would be more than 30 days, then you are required to register. My understanding of the law is that a week in the mountains would not require registration in Georgia. My guess is that your question stems from the 72 hour requirement for a sexual offender to register with the sheriff of a county where the person begins residing.

That requirement is found at OCGA f 2. There is an additional requirement under f 3 to maintain registration with the sheriff of each county where the person resides or sleeps. The person required to register are set out in OCGA e. The question would be what alleged conduct triggers that description.

You may submit a contact form and describe the actual charge and where you are currently registered along with a description of the conduct alleged against you. Your restrictions are the same throughout Georgia. They are based on your status as a sex offender and your offense date. Your classification, if it has been made, would show on your GBI sex offender search result page.

Georgia law only allows a very short time from classification to request a re-evaluation or to petition for judicial review. That time period is 30 days. My dad got convicted of child molestion on He served his whole 20 yrs in prison and just got out on I took him to register and they told him he had no restrictions he just has to register every year. We are in the state of Georgia and if he can petition since he served his sentence does he need to pay for a lawyer to do so?

His classification will determine when he can petition. If he is Level 2, he will have to wait 10 years. If he is Level 1, he can petition immediately, although time sometimes helps. If he has not been classified, he can petition immediately, but a classification will be ordered and will determine whether he can proceed. What is the correct process to petition to get off the sexoffender registry in Georgia, do you need a lawyer to file the petition? I got convicted in Syracuse, Ny in and only had to register for 10yrs.

I moved back home to Georgia and had to register for life. It is important if one has DUI convictions or sex offense conditions to look into collateral consequences before moving states. Georgia does have a process for you to seek removal from the sex offense registry. There is no statutory requirement that it be filed by an attorney, but I think most people will be very well served by having a lawyer to handle this process and to advocate on their behalf. When I took my Dad to register on Monday July 31 the day he got out after he served 20 yrs in prison.

He had a form that the prison gave him already filled out. They gave us a number to call to set my dad up a appointment. I filled the form out for him and it got to the part where he had to initial. I was not with him today when he had to go register, his sister took him but the Officer told him that he needed to initial everything or the GBI would say that the form would be incomplete.

He has no restrictions! All he had to do is register each year 3 days before his birthday. The form lacks the power to impose restrictions upon your father that are not applicable to him by statute. It is unfortunate that the local administrators are not always fully trained on that issue.

In addition to annual registration, he does have to update any changed information within 72 hours. I had a codefendant who was charged with Trafficking Person for sexual labor or servitude, he rented a hotel room in my name while I was working out of state, a warrant was taken out for me too and I was arrested, he was taken to trial and it was a mistrial, the DA still held him, and retried him 2 months later, he took a plea of 20y serve 8, I was severed and continued to fight to prove my innocence.

So I was forced into a plea of 15y probation with time served for the 18 months I was in jail fighting the case and required to register. I was forced and never afforded any other remedy for relief. Questions: 1. Can I file a motion to withdraw the plea and go to trial? If I withdraw the plea, can I be subject to re-arrest?

Can I file a motion for a modification? Can I pay the fines for my probation and go back home to my country if I have lost everything and am homeless? The challenge for your type of inquiry is whether you would truly make a decision if you were faced anew with the same difficult bargain. Take a plea to probation or face the possibility of life or virtually so in prison.

People also seem to believe that if the judge had just known about the evidence that the case would have gone away. That is a misunderstanding of how the American justice system works. For a case that is going to go to a jury, the judge does not get to veto prosecutions in most cases. If you were permitted to pursue this type of relief and were successful, you would go back to your status prior to the plea. If your probation is terminated, it is possible you would face deportation, voluntary or involuntary. I am sorry that you felt compelled to enter this plea.

It is a difficult thing to face the threat of so much time if you go to trial and are convicted. It is possible to challenge the plea and sentence with some time limitations on when the motion must be brought. If you are successful in overturning the plea and sentence, then you return to the status that existed prior to the plea. I pleaded guilty to one count of child porn in MO in I did 10 months on a 1 yr and 1 day sentence and life time supervision. The case was fed and state and was served concurrently.

I was released from the DOJ in Jan. In I was released from supervision by the federal judge. My family is thinking about moving to the Atlanta area in the near future. Can I get off the registry when I get classified if we move to GA. I have had one client successfully removed from the Georgia registry for a federal child pornography conviction for which the sentence had been completed. Every case is different though. Black, I have a special situation for you to assist us with. The sentence was a 20 year sentence, split to serve 3 years in jail followed by 5 years of probation.

The three years have now been served and the probation has begun. On the original felony sentencing papers the only special conditions of probation indicated were to comply with SORNA registration and to have no contact with the victim s. Well, he had his probation transferred to Georgia successfully and now the assigned Probation Officer has met with him and added a curfew and a sex offender treatment program. Everywhere we read it states that a court must impose and assign conditions of probation and the P. How can things like a treatment program be implemented with no due process as this was not a part of the original sentencing order from the AL court?

Would this not violate his original plea bargain as the option to attend sex offender treatment was not checked and not recommended by the Alabama courts or District Attorney? The Probation Officer seems to be overlooking or overstepping the court mandated sentencing. Thanks for your help. If you need a bit more information please let me know. You should probably take a look at their website. I will make reference to some of the rules under that compact. The particular case that you describe involves the transfer of an active sex offender supervision.

Rule 3. However, any non-resident offender transferring into Georgia who has any sex offense in his or her criminal history may face the same issues. For our purposes, I am going to talk about Georgia as the receiving state. Georgia must supervised transferees consistent with supervision of similar offenders sentenced in the receiving state. Rule 4. ICAOS Advisiory Opinion states that a receiving state is not permitted to impose the establishment of sex offender risk level or community notification on transferees unless it imposes the same requirements on its own offenders.

Georgia, as a receiving sentence, may impose a condition on an offender if that condition would have been imposed on an offender sentenced in the receiving state. This can be done at the time of transfer or during the term of supervision. It is likely this Rule that Georgia is relying upon in imposing these additional onerous conditions. Their argument is that with a sex offense, a Georgia court likely would have required these conditions. However, their argument may be incorrect.

The issue has not been litigated in Georgia that I can find, but I found a Massachusetts decision Goe v. Commissioner of Probation, Mass. In Georgia, all sex offender conditions are discretionary, not mandatory. As well, I am not sure how Georgia is justifying the imposition of sex offender conditions on transferees for non-sex offense supervision cases where the history includes a sex offense.

It has been reported to me that that occurs. While you are ascribing this decision to the individual probation officer, it is likely that the decision was made at a higher level. It is worth noting that the sending state Alabama becomes obligated to give the same force and effect to these receiving state imposed conditions as its own conditions.

The issue then becomes how to address these conditions as being beyond the authority of the Department of Community Supervision. It would require the filing of a declaratory judgment action in Georgia against the Department of Community Supervision. Overall, my best advice is for a person to consult with a Georgia lawyer knowledgeable about these issues before making the decision to seek a transfer of probation or parole to Georgia.

Mr Black I was convicted overseas in military court martial for sexual offense. My question is how do I go about using the disabled person to request to get off registry? Also, forgot to add that my conviction was in court martial overseas. It is a matter of filing a petition for removal in your county of residence and proving your disability to the court. I was convicted in in NJ, 3 yr sentence, maxed out to be on CSL in NJ can petition to be removed after 15 years since getting out of prison. In , I requested to move to Georgia and was allowed to move.

I am now in the process of petitioning the courts here where I live in Ga to be removed from the registry OCGA Question 1, if I am successful, that will only pertain to Georgia? If you reside in Georgia, you can petition for removal unless you are classified as a dangerous sexual predator in Georgia. This has been found not to be a violation of ex post facto provisions, but a U. Supreme Court decision from this term suggests that the justices might be willing to examine this issue given the extent of the disabilities imposed by some states. So, for now, my answer is no, but it may be an open question.

It will pertain to Georgia. I am unable to answer your question regarding the international sex offense registry. With this conviction, any travel plans to other countries would need to be done with advance visa approvals, because, otherwise, you could be stranded in an airport, refused permission to enter the country of your destination.

He informed me that he had 2 Mistrials, however the co conspirator pled guilty which resulted in my relative taking a plea deal. The plea deal resulted in my relative serving 2 years in State Prison. He was released in after serving the full term. He was release without having to serve either Probation or Parole. My question Sir; is he mandated by State Statue to register after 35 years. Since his release from Prison he has never been arrested.

We have concerns relative to a situation in his town, where he has served as both a Youth Coach and Official, and now after an annual background check, his past was bought to his attention by the City Recreation Administrator. Oddly enough this is the same person that he has submitted background checks to over the last 5 years and nothing ever showed up.

So my questions to you Mr. Black are; 1. Why has it took this long for the Township to find out about his past after he has served in the Town as both Coach and Official? If they are not allowed to notify any schools or parents and do so, what recourse does my relative have? That resulted in him doing 2 years in which he completed and was released in with no probation or parole.

In response to a comment on a web page, I cannot really give you advice that can be relied upon. I do not know enough about the case. Insofar as you are asking whether a conviction triggers registration requirement, the answer is no, not generally. In general, the offense has to be on or after July 1, , to trigger registration. There are some events that can occur that would change that, depending on moves in or out of the State or susequent offenses or convictions.

The county can still choose not to allow him to serve as a volunteer or employee in situations involving minors. Our client is in GA in the construction industry. He has recently discovered that one of his employees is a registered SO, and each of his job sites are located within feet of a school.

Would you be able to provide any guidance there? I do not do any work on the employer side of these issues, so I will defer to corporate counsel on those issues, other than that I think that you are correct about the employer not being subject to a cause of action under the registration laws. Obviously, knowing his background, if there were behaviors that also came up which suggested a particular danger, then that would be a different story.

In reality, the recidivism rate of convicted sex offenders is very low. Some offenses that require registration do not suggest any likelihood of the person targeting children. The responsibility for complying with registration requirements and work location requirements when applicable is on the registrant. I have a friend who is incarcerated.

He has to register as a sex offender because of the false imprisonment charge of a minor in his armed robbery case. When I contacted his attorney, I felt like she does not have a full understanding of this law. One of his co-defendant petitioned the court and was removed from the registry while he was incarcerated. Is there anything we can do to make this right?

Thank You. I am a sex offender and was convicted in I was released last year after serving 8 yrs. I am now married and trying to live as normally as possible.. My wife and I are just starting our lives and I was only 19 when convicted of these offenses. This monitor and status has already cost me a job that I applied for.. You may want to consider having an independent psychosexual evaluation conducted by a reputable provider. You need strong evidence that you are not a predator or a pedophile to have any chance of convincing the board that you have been rated too harshly.

Even then, there are very limited approaches to force the board to re-evaluate their decision. I was convicted of one count of possession of child pornography in a federal court prior to I am a registered sex offender and am having trouble finding an apartment to live , even though I have no residency restrictions.

Do you have any suggestions that might help? I am afraid not. Private landlords can choose whom they rent to unless they run afoul of federal anti-discrimination laws. The government does not do that. Occasionally, you see some civic-minded person take it upon themselves to do that, often with very little investigation or care about what type of offense places the person on the registry. Mr black i understand that sex offenders are not allowed unsupervised contact with.

Sex offenders serving parole or probation have conditions that may and probably do restrict contact with minors. In some cases, those restrictions are absolute, and in other cases, those restrictions may be less restrictive, requiring supervision, etc. Georgia registered sex offenders who are not serving a sentence do not have restrictions on contacts with anyone. Depending on their date of offense, they have residence and employment restrictions.

They have prohibitions on loitering in areas where minors are likely to congregate. They have restrictions on unconsented photography of minors. The end of your question indicates that you are still on probation. If you have sex offender conditions, you likely have a restriction on beginning or continuing a relationship with someone who has minor children without permission from your probation officer. You need to hold off on any action until you determine exactly what your probation conditions are.

This is a situation I have not seen before. I was unaware of the Illinois violent offense against youth registry. He is on the violent offender registry but is not on the Illinois sexual offender registry. The crime he was accused of did not involve any sexual conduct.

Georgia Sex Offenders

The class of people required to register on the Georgia sexual offender registry is set out in the statute OCGA e. It states:. So, his requirement to register is wholly determined by whether he is required to register as a sexual offender elsewhere prior to moving to Georgia. The information you provide is that he is not on the sexual offender registry in Illinois.

It does not appear to me that he would be required to register in Georgia based on that information. Other information might change that opinion, but the fact that he is not on the Illinois sexual offender registry is very important. My husband is a registered sex offender. He did 5 yrs in prison and was released in He was ordered to register every year at least 3 days before his birthday. He was 3 days late to register this year. When he went to register yesterday they arrested him and transported him to jail.